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Monday 2 May 2016

New look, new volume.

So. After months of patient tapping away at the keyboard, the final part of my first serial is finished. By which I mean it's been written. It is currently going through my standard editorial process now which is obviously just a part of the writing process. 
As a whole process it goes something like this:-

Plan The whole book out chapter by chapter. One short paragraph per chapter.
Write a chapter
Edit that chapter
Repeat, seemingly endlessly.
Finish Writing the Book
1st Read Through adding description, text tags and nuance where it is needed for clarification.
2nd Read Through looking for word repetition/overuse. I run each chapter through (no attachment here, just a useful site) Then search on the document for repeats and replace repeats where it's necessary to replace repeats.:-)
3rd Read Through check timelines and character names are consistent.
4th Read Through Looking for odd typos or punctuation I might have missed although I do try to write as clean as possible in that respect.
5th Read through just to make myself thoroughly fed up with the whole exercise.
Email copy to partner. Wait a week to see if she reads it then to be told she hasn't got time what with Jeremy Kyle and having her nails done.
Ask the kids if they want a read. Usually met with two teenage grunts and a "Whatever"
Consider using a pro editor/proofreader then realising I have £23.78 in the bank to last until July so give that up as a bad idea.
Consider using a writer's group but realising that might involve having to interact socially with other people, give that up as a bad idea too.
Hear back from two people I trust implicitly to be really nice to me to say the book is great, fine, OK, well....
Ignore almost everything they say.

The whole process has been a huge learning experience and I think I have learnt a lot in the time the books have been out.

To celebrate the imminent release of Book Five I have had all new covers designed. They look like this

The cover for Book Five looks like this

 I am looking forward now, both to the release and to the next project. more about that to follow soon.

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Next update will be release day.